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SISA stands for System Innovation towards Sustainable Agriculture

Announcement: SISA-3 is on the run! See you in Riga very soon

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AgroEcological Transitions : changes and breakthroughs
in the making

Edited by   Boelie Elzen, Anna Maria Augustyn,
               Marc Barbier & Barbara van Mierlo

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Conference web site

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System Innovations, Knowledge Regimes, and Design Practices towards Transitions
for Sustainable Agriculture. 

Edited by  Marc Barbier and Boelie Elzen

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Conference web site

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What else ?

The SISA 3 Conference is on the run!

International workshop on System Innovation towards Sustainable Agriculture
to be held in RIGA (Latvia) 6-9 november 2018

at the Baltic Studies Centre

See the website of the conference here

Have a look at the Call here
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